Observability has never been this easy

Flowmill is the lightweight, easy to deploy network observability solution designed for microservice environments running on AWS. 

Why Flowmill and AWS? 

Flowmill on the AWS marketplace gives you a super simple, one-click deploy option — allowing you to get started faster than ever. And centralized billing means you only get one bill, making it simpler to track charges and combined usage across all your accounts. 

Get control of your AWS network transfer costs

Flowmill can save you thousands. Data transfers between services can be a large but opaque portion of total cloud infrastructure costs. Know which service pairs generate the most cross-zone and egress traffic to optimize their behavior and verify that changes to traffic patterns have the desired effects. 

     • Avoid unnecessary cross-zone traffic in microservices

     • Measure egress network traffic

     • Quantify the costs of high availability

Detect Cloud infrastructure problems

Measure how network connectivity and performance issues, misconfigured services, external providers, security settings, and DNS impact distributed services impact your services.

See the complete picture of your microservices

Detect every service dependency, including unknown or unexpected connections, and track SLOs between each pair of services.Flowmill’s cloud network visibility monitors every connection in your distributed application with negligible overhead, no sampling, and no code changes.

Featured Customer

 “Flowmill gave us the visibility into an area we generally don’t look at. We never dealt too deeply into the networking itself. We never really realized how important it was. No one, even Amazon, provides good tooling and detail in this area or a means of turning this detail into knowledge."

Michael Lorant

Senior Systems Engineer, Nine Entertainment

Get started now

Try Flowmil today through the AWS Marketplace and deploy in one click. It’s never been easier to get real-time, complete coverage of your network in AWS. 

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